Straight Leg Chinos

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Color: Navy

The Straight Leg Chino is a tailored fit pant, featuring extended leg with a hidden zip to the hem. These pants have a fixed waistband with a two-button clasp.

  • 100% Polyester
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Customer Reviews

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Finn B.
I realy like it

It’s kinda expensive, the shipping cost to Denmark did cost mor than the product it self.
There is one bad thing and this is that it’s made in China, when u pay +200$ for the pants and shipping to u expected a product made from Mexico or America but not from China, you guys could also use it as Marketing when it’s from America.

Amazing fit best I’ve ever had worth the money

So I’m a young 17 year old boy turning 18 this month and for back to school I wanted to give Esntls a try. I didn’t come from a very well off family nor did I really have a father to teach me style but when I found the TMF channel it changed my life. It gave me a male figure in my life to look up to so I’ve been watching. I finally got a job so I can buy my own things and I decided to give this brand a try and I think it has the best fit and quality I’ve ever worn. Everything feels great and fits well even though I messed up on my sizing because I wasn’t paying attention it still fits good. I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to try it out.

I usually don't leave reviews so read this

In the beginning, I considered returning these chinos since they are quite long. Once I put them on and tucked my basic tee, they looked great! They are a bit dressy but it could work for daily use. The two metal buttons near the zipper are very unique! Got many compliments. Unfortunately, I impulsively submitted a return request early on so this company may have paid for shipping. I will definitely be shopping here again to get those bamboo tees 👍