Bamboo White Tee


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With a bamboo and cotton blend our t-shirts are the most versatile T's in the market. The bamboo is a natural antibacterial fabric that fights odors and keeps you refreshed all day. They feature a perfect fit straight out of the bag. You can dress it up to go out in town or dress it down to go to the gym, the thick 320g fabrics is a durable blend that will work with you

  • 65% Bamboo
  • 28% Cotton
  • 7% Spandex
  • 320 grams
International customers will be responsible for customs fees

We've fixed all the headaches of finding the right fitting essentials. Our essentials fit so well that you will replace your entire wardrobe with our products!

Customer Reviews

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Recuperación y reenvío gratis

Ya les aseguro que este suéter es el mejor del mundo porque tengo el negro, pero hace poco hice un pedido donde puse la dirección de envío incorrecta, me comuniqué con ellos, resolvieron todo y lo volverán a enviar sin costo alguno, qué otra compañía hace eso? AMAZING!!

Amazing fit

I have never owned a tee that attracts more women, than these tee shirts!! And honestly my muscles have never popped more I’m loving it.


Quality is AMAZING on the bamboo tees. These are the softest and best feeling tees I have ever tried. Everything about them screams luxurious. They run small/tight so I would size up for a not so "Under Armour" tight feel to them. I am 5'5" / 155lbs and I got a size Medium. trust me on the sizing. go up a full size. you won't regret getting this tee. its LEGIT

T-Shirt like no other

I'm a huge fan on the bamboo t-shirt. The feel and fit of the shirt complements your body in all the right places. I initially ordered XLs, but recently gone down to Ls. Every time there is a launch, no matter what else I get, I always add a pair of the bamboo tees. The material is soft and versatile. I love how the neck doesn't get loose and stretched out. It has become my favorite shirt to wear both casually and as an undershirt. I have since thrown out all other t-shirts and only wear ESNTLS bamboo tees.

Jon Titus
The Review you NEED: First-time buyer

Now lemme tell you, when I first held that white bamboo tee, it had a nice cool temp like it was kept in a cryo chamber or sumthin. Nice heavy-weighted and smooth. I'm 23 years old, 5'10" 175 and I just found my summer tee. I have been on the hunt for a perfect white tee during 2021 and I think, no....I know, that I found my chalice of victory. I am a size M till the day I die so I said I'd start with that size.

Why do I dig the tee? I'm big on accentuating key features: my biceps, chest, and traps. I have a large gut due to those evil carbs so I was hoping to suck in my gut for that "look" I was hoping to get. But the M bamboo white & Black tees grasp my arms perfectly and wrap around my shoulders and upper traps perfectly. It also drops straight down while gripping my sides to give a slimmer look while creating a positive height illusion. I seemed taller while not exposing my "carb gut". This product is everything that Jose said it was on his youtube videos. Jose just saved my summer.

Size wise, I'd say stick to your usual size and just eat right, and hit the gym to work on certain features. The shirt will do the rest. Yes I have a muscular shape upper-body wise, but I have that large gut that is hard to hide. ESNTLS allows me to hide it.

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