The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences which we are exposed to in our daily lives. The seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals.

The substances found in seaweed help to activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which damage our skin cells.

It adds a smooth, silky feel to any fabric, together with the comfort and care elements required from a generation with an active, health-conscious lifestyle.


Why is using SeaCell good?

Protecting against free radicals The nutrient-rich knotted wracking SeaCell doesn’t just let you feel the sea on your skin; it also has a property to effectively combat free radicals.

Why is SeaCell better than cotton?

Seaweed fiber is better than cotton due to its heightened ability to absorb sweat much faster. This makes it ideal for activewear, everyday basics, and underwear. Seaweed also contains lots of antioxidants that react with free radicals in the skin to neutralise them, which is believed to slow down ageing and reduce skin damage.

Isn't seaweed important for the marine life?

Seaweed is naturally available in our aquatic ecosystems. It is harvested as a batch once every four years and cut above the regenerative part of the plant. This ensures that the seaweed isn't permanently damaged. Additionally cutting the upper portion of the plant in this manner encourages the plant to sprout more.