The ESNTL 2- in- 1 Backpack

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Color: Black

This streamlined yet spacious backpack is equipped with a multitude of smart interior and exterior organizational pockets. Compartments with space for a laptop, cords, and accessories. This backpack is a 2-in-1 as well, you can remove the front compartment and use it as a crossbody bag for when you are running errands.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Karman Singh
My new uni accessory

The ESNTLS backpack is a stylish and functional choice for anyone in need of a reliable backpack. It is made with high-quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The backpack also has ample storage space, including a laptop sleeve and multiple pockets, making it easy to organize your belongings. Overall, I highly recommend the ESNTLS backpack for anyone in need of a stylish and practical backpack. Use code KARMANGUJRAL for a great deal on this awesome backpack!"

Aaron Frymire
The quality on the bag is AMAZING

This bag really feels like a high quality premium bag. It’s like getting a Louis Vuitton backpack for half the price

Will Butler Butler
Fantastic Bag, with One Exception

The bag is absolutely beautiful: the leather is soft and sleek, the compartments in the bag are sufficient, and the bag has an overall elegant design. The only problem is that the small bag is no where as secure as I was led to believe. Although the small bag won’t ever completely detach from the bag (unless you rip it off), it easily flops over because (1) the magnets aren’t strong enough and (2) it’s very easy for the bag to just shift upwards (e.g. from standing against a wall) and decouple from the bag. For the next model, I’d suggest making the magnets stronger and adding some kind of strap behind the tiny bag so that it is guaranteed to not move while not detracting from the style. I would also suggest for the future to release a model where there is no small bag attached, for those of us who may not need the tiny bag but feel forced to have it on because the magnets on the bag make it look strange when the small one is not attached.

Awesome and Unique

The perfect backpack I needed and feels great to be the only one that has this backpack among my friends. Jose the Goat

José pineda
Tuve mala suerte

¡Quiero recalcar que la mochila me encantó en absoluto es de muy buena calidad! Solo que me siento decepcionado porque la correa que viene con la bandolera, no llego en mi mochila, solamente tengo la mochila sin correa